The story of two brothers who are normal people just like you... well, maybe not normal.

Name: Stragus "Destroyer of Towers Named Bab-il" Magus
Occupation: Code Monkey
Character: Shiro Mibu ( )
Whereabouts: Unknown
Time it takes to finish Super Mario Bros 2: 19.91 minutes
Given that we live in an age of democracy and human rights, we would think that knowledge is something that everyone would want. Mankind has always been on a search for "the one simple truth" or "what's out there". Will knowing the real truth make our lives any longer, better, or happier? Or will it be like when we were children and we learned Santa wasn't real? Wasn't life more happy and interesting when we didn't know? If anything, it gives an excuse for many to profit from the whole deal.

I am a programmer, engineer, and video game junkie. Keeping the website from falling into a pit of disarray and darkness is no easy task. Fueled by anime, video games, more anime, and duct tape, this website holds together in this computer world. So enjoy your stay here and don't make a mess of the place!

Name: Digo "Follow the white rabbit" Rodriguez
Occupation: Director/Lead Animator
Character: Moroni ( )
Whereabouts: Warehouse Zero
Time to finish slice of cheesecake: 23 seconds
Why do we institute organizations that control our thoughts and feed us false dreams that we accept as reality? Why can we not wake up from our slumber of sins and lies? It is the weak will of humanity that begs enslavement to the safe encampment of control and order.

Animator by Day. Dream Walker by Night. Our only defect is our inability to evolve beyond our box of impossibility. I will open that box and give you the gift of Infinite Possibilities. You need only to defeat your fears and embrace the endless imagination of your own mind.


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