Birth of a Comic.

It took over 16 months to go from an idea to this present stage. That's a lot of brainstorming, sketching, research, networking, etc. Something like 485 days to give birth to a 7 Meg, 4 Kilobyte comic web site. I forget where I'm going with this. The Arbiters. This is a "Comic Book" about what "They" don't want you to know. I say book because of the format I'm using. I say "They" to imply those who keep secrets from society as a whole. But don't take this story seriously. It's meant as a fun ride through the possibilities of what really could be out there hidden from our eyes. Everything from Aliens to Nessie. We have it here. My next step is to get some sort of consistant updating schedule going. This begins with sleep... I'm one tired purple dragon.

We're finally here

Its great to finally see this page up on the world whacked web. What I hope to see here is the blend of artistic talent and technology. I come to think of technology as an art form, in some respect. After getting done with a project, like this, I feel a sense of satisfaction not unlike an artist after finishing some... art thing. Anyway, please enjoy yourself. For now, until the conspiracies start rolling in, enjoy this interesting resource.


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